Friday, April 1, 2011

Giger v4 Walking Progress Part 3

Things are pretty stable now, bezier curve interpolation is coming into play now. The Farrell's Gumstix Controller and software really shines through here. I'm guessing I can easily get another 50% speed out of this without trying too hard.

Mech Warfare 2011: East Coast Event

Friends out at Shepherd University hosted the first annual East Coast Mech Warfare competition. It was pretty much a repeat of Year One for Mech Warfare at Robogames; nobody was ready, everything was breaking last minute, and a sense of utter chaos. Perfectly normal for a first year competition. Hey- at least they did the arena right and we had Wifi locked down. I threw together a quick video showing the final match between Draco and Giger.

New 3D Printed Head

Had my friend Erik model up a new 3D printed head to protect the camera and give Giger some personality. Printed @ for like $40. Not bad at all!