Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fail Giger, Fail.

Gotta laugh, Giger had some technical difficulties (leg issues) during my exhibition matches and my boss was kind enough to catch them on video. Haha!

UncleBob's RX-24F Humanoid Knight Templar II

My friend Robert Lam has a pretty awesome RX-24F humanoid as well, we ended up designing ours at the same time and thus had a good amount of back and forth discussion on various leg designs and overall design intent. My RX-24F bot is only 16 DOF and much smaller than his 18DOF bot, though he uses AX-12+ in the arms where mine is entirely RX-24F based.

Here's a pretty cool video showcasing some of Knight Templar II's moves and features!

Definitely check out UncleBob's blog as well: http://unclebot.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mech Warfare 2010

Here's the long due highlights video of the Mech Warfare competition at Robogames 2010.

PhantomX Hexapod Demo Video

This kit was what kept me busy at work for the last month. Proof that the ArbotiX is awesome.

Bheka Owns Giger

One of my favorite moments this year at Mech Warfare 2010 @ Robogames... Gary Warren was piloting his mech Bheka, ran out of ammo, so decided to charge Giger head on. And he succeeded!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

PhantomX Quadropod Prototype

Been putting the finishing touches on the software for our Quad kit, as well as working on a Mech kit for Mech Warfare.